04 Oct

The Covid 19 pandemic has had devastating effects that are more than just loosing people we love . The nationwide lockdown in Uganda disrupted food supply chains and in so doing also disrupted income earning opportunities for many people. One of the high risk groups are the elderly who  now more than ever have to be very careful with how they interact. But what of those that are bread winners , what of  those that survived on help from local churches that are closed now?

 I would like you to Meet Bernadette  a widow in her late 50s who lives with her blind son. A while back the son had developed fluid in his brain which took away his sight. When this happened she was left to be the breadwinner and look after the family. She would sometimes be given handouts from churches but due to the current pandemic all church gatherings were banned  so she  couldn’t access any help from church ministers. She’s been going out to look for small jobs while her son stays home but it’s been difficult because nobody really wants to hire anyone during this period. This has left her and her son in a very bad state. She would really love the help with food and it will be a life changing gift for her and her family.

Uganda still has many more Bernadettes that are heroes everyday and continue to show up for their family despite the challenges , but just in times like these me and you need to give them a push so that they can keep going . Fastmere has made this possible for anyone around the world . You can make a donation by clicking this link

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